Monday, October 03, 2005

What's in the Cards for Churchill?

A well-financed campaign. Rep. Churchill has personal wealth, and will probably win the support of long time personal friend(and House colleague) Mark Beaubien, the scion of a suburban banking family. (Beaubien heavily backed Churchill in 1998, against Al Salvi. In an example of dramatic irony like no other, Beaubien had been appointed to Salvi's house seat. ) Churchill may also succeed in winning "establishment" GOP support. Despite Churchill's allegiance to deposed one time House minority leader Lee Daniels, he won much succor-mainly financial- from Leader Cross and HRO in his contentious 2004 re-election race against Sharyn Elman.
PAC backing? Churchill won the support of the Family Taxpayer Network in his ill-fated SOS bid in the 1998 primary. However, Mrs. Kathy Salvi, wife of Churchill's onetime antagonist, is an established force in the conservative community and has a surname that has never lost in Lake County.
How does Churchill stack up against the other contenders? McSweeney has won the support of fellow Crane foe Peter Fitzgerald. Churchill's brashness and ability to lose elections with the odds insurrmountably in his favor may come back to haunt him.


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