Thursday, October 13, 2005

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad ARDC?

A commenter who identified him or herself only as "Luka" remarked that "It is interesting that all of this is being discussed within the context of a possible state senate run. Outside of that, it seems to be a non-issue.... Maybe some folks are scared of Thomas' political potential...hmmmmm?" Since when has having one's license suspended been a "non-issue?" Just look at what happened to Amiel Cueto....
Of course, the ARDC may or may not pursue any punitive action against Thomas and the allegations about the forged signatures are only that. However, despite Thomas's protestations to the contrary("I am not a dishonest lawyer") if confirmed, his conduct in the LaSalle County case indicates that he is either inattentive, or, yes, dishonest, neither of which is a desirable trait in a practicing attorney-or state senator. No hablo political contrition, senor.


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