Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Anywhere, Anyhow, Any Way She Chooses

State treasurer Judy Baar Topinka surprised no one today with the long awaited announcement that she would seek the governor's office in 2006. Vowing to "take out" incumbent Blagojevich. Former governor Jim Edgar joined her a series of appearances around the state. More to come. This from the S-T: During her campaign stop, Topinka touted her years in public service, but acknowledged that she faces an uphill battle against Blagojevich and his war chest. She said her campaign will focus on fiscal responsibility and creating jobs.
Topinka, former chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, supports abortion rights and anti-discrimination laws for gays and lesbians. She has been a leading critic of Blagojevich's budget policies, accusing him of generating debt that Illinois taxpayers will be paying for decades to come.

Topinka went on to avow her intention to restore "respect" and "public faith" to the state's chief exec. Sound familiar? Topinka's detractors still tie her to the hotel loan imbroglio that ensnared state government over a decade ago. Still, it seems that Topinka will have an easy time differentiating herself from the ghosts of GOP gubernatorial elections past. She has the charisma that always seemed to elude a certain former Attorney General, with none of the controversy that seemed always to dog him. Topinka can also summon up the woman-of-the-people persona that Corinne Wood(to whom she is destined to be many times compared) lacked.

It seems that the Republican campaign-mobile(previously owned by a little old Attorney General who just took it to church on Sundays) is ready and willing. Hop in for the ride, Madam, um, Treasurer.

Here's what some other Illinois bloggers have to say on the subject:
Polypundit Jeff Berkowitz who admits, among other things, that there just really isn't much to say about Marion. Well, if Springfield hasn't been able to keep the last two governors entertained, we don't know what to say about our friends to the south.
Illinois Shadow revives an old classic.


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