Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bull's Eye!

It appears that longtime political player Tom Dart will succeed embattled Cook County sheriff Michael Sheahan. Dart has announced that he has commitments totaling seventy percent of the weighted Democratic central committee vote that will decide the county party's endorsement for the office. When asked to speculate about other potential candidates, Dart gave former US attorney Jim Burns a chilly reception. "None of the people I've spoken to said they have even heard from Jim Burns," Dart said." Burns, who lost the 1998 Democratic gubernatorial primary to Glen Poshard, insists that he is still mulling a bid.

Dart, a former state legislator, held Topinka under 60 percent in a 2002 run for the Treasurer's office. After his loss, Sheahan created the post of chief of staff for him and has already promised his support, as has John Stroger, equally embattled county wide officeholder. SOS Jesse White is agitating for his inspector general, Burns. The mayor is expected to back Dart, his former campaign manager.
BTW: Happy Thanksgiving! I am sure that we are all appreciative of the sacrifices made by the American men and women serving in the armed forces, and by, let's just say public employees, whose titles we do not need to enumerate, and I am surely thankful for my darling readers.


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