Saturday, November 19, 2005

Curry's Client "Exonerated" in Rhoads Case

The unnamed businessman-whose story and connections had captivated downstate audiences-"passed" a polygraph test in the Dyke and Karen Rhoads case, a brutal downstate murder. The businessman, Mrs. Rhoads's erstwhile boss, boasted ties to former AG Jim Ryan and was being represented by respected media mogul Dan Curry, former spokesman for Ryan's office and current press secretary to Joe Birkett's gubernatorial campaign. "The sad irony about what's happening in Paris is that, in the name of freeing men they believe are innocent, advocates are trying to frame an innocent man," said Mr Curry, referring to the movement on behalf of the two persons convicted in the case, Randy Steidl and Herb Whitlock, whom some believe to be not guilty. With characteristic panache, Mr. Curry added that, "I think Mr. Callahan is doing exactly what he's accusing others of, locking in on a theory and clinging to it no matter what. The bagful of barroom folklore that Mr. Callahan has been swinging at the entrepreneur has sprung a big leak, and it's becoming apparent he's all wet," responding to criticisms of the polygraph made by a police officer connected with the case, and long convinced of Steidl's innocence. Callahan was dismissed from the Illinois State Police, purportedly in retaliation. He successful sued the ISP earlier this year.


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