Saturday, November 12, 2005

In Obiter Dictum's unscientific sidebar poll, Roskam continues to lead(with almost 80%) Cegelis in the race to succeed the estimable US Rep Henry Hyde(R-Addison). Cegelis is opposed in the Democratic primary by Lindy Scott, a social conservative and professor at Wheaton College. Major Tammy Blackwell, a decorated military heroine, is also rumored to be mulling a run. In some respects, each of the three candidates is a carictature of an incumbent legislator from Illinois. Cegelis has been compared to Bean more times than either would probably like, Scott could be trying to parlay that academic vibe into becoming another Crane(or, for that matter, another Renner) and Blackwell, Kirk. The desire to serve one's country on all fronts is rare and should be nutured and admired.


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