Sunday, November 06, 2005

It's hardly recent, but here's an interview with Jim Ascot, announced candidate against Danny K Davis in the Democratic primary.
MCREM: Why did you decide to run?

Ascot: ...I had the opportunity to go to Washington and lobby on real estate issues. That was the beginning of me getting involved in a sort of political arena...I felt like we were always fighting an uphill battle as small business entrepreneurs, as people searching for the American dream. If not for my involvement in real estate, I would not have come to this decision. I sensed an opportunity for me to be involved, to bring forward my own perspective. We need to address certain issues relevant to our economy, to this part of the country.
There is unemployment in this district. The education is lacking in some areas. We have crime and drug problems in some areas. There are a lot of opportunities here. We need to talk about these issues, and to come up with solutions for this district.

Over the term of 10 years that Congressman Davis has served, we haven’t had that engagement. People throughout the district realize this. They tell me that Rep. Davis has not engaged the community, that he has not been there when they’ve needed him. This district needs a new voice.
Courtesy: Real Estate Journals


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