Sunday, November 06, 2005

Pekin's Future a Roll of the Dice

Lyn Howard, mayor of downstate Pekin, a struggling blue collar town on the outskirts of Peoria, was convicted of three counts of official misconduct after he used city funds to gamble at a local casino. It is thought that Howard will be able to remain in office until his sentencing, set for December 2nd.
From the PJSTar:
Almost any adult who lives in Pekin - whether it be the mailman, dog catcher, garbage man, or hamburger flipper - can be the new mayor of Pekin.
An alderman will serve as mayor pro tem until a replacement is selected by the City Council. It is thought that Howard's successor will be female, although some agitate for a comeback by former Mayor David Tebben, narrowly defeated by Howard two years ago. Tebeen is thought to be the favorite of US Rep Ray LaHood(R-Peoria), who is commended for his actually caring about Pekin, or making some pretenses at it.


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