Friday, November 25, 2005

Play Ball!

It seems that Jesse White and Judge Clyde Kuehns are the only ones seduced out of the sports world by the lure of elected office. It also seems that Bill Richardson wasn't one-he has renounced his longtime claim of having been drafted by a Kansas City baseball team. In the ultimate display of public contrition, the New Mexico governor sought to bolster his sagging credibility with claims that he had been drafted by an amateur team. This from the man who once drew fire from Native American groups after saying that the "Natives are getting restless" while speaking at a gambling conference.

However minor this faux pas may seem, it could succeed in putting a damper on Richardson's nationwide ambitions. Long rumored as a potential presidential or vice presidential candidate, Richardson bears a lot of resemblance to another progressive prospect we know. He was elected in 2002, has a background that is simultaneously dubious and inspiring(a troubled term as Energy Secretary, several nominations for the Nobel Peace prize while serving as US ambassador to the UN), and a career in the US House of Reps.


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