Friday, November 18, 2005

Potential lt. gubernatorial candidate DougWhitely isn't the only affluent Illinoisan looking for some political action this fall. In this post, state rep. John Fritchey lends credence to recent rumors that erstwhile ald. Ed Eisendarth is eyeing a bid for the governor's office. Comments seem to have been disabled on his blog, so I'll ask it here. Are there going to be any highly ranking Dem "defectors" from the governor? Blago already has Speaker Mike and Emil Jones on board-but not necessarially Chicago and north suburban legislators-well, except DeLeo and Ronen and Schoenburg and Garrett, and.....Geography may not work in Eisendrath's favor, after all, both conventional wisdom and polling dictate that the governor's weaknesses are downstate, where they probably can't even pronounce his name. Eisendrath's, that is.


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