Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Right on Target

Tom Dart, his current chief of staff, has emerged as a candidate to succeed the embattled Cook county sheriff Michael Sheehan, undone by allegations of corruption and police brutality under his watch. Until recent ethical travails, Sheahan had been seen as a potential candidate for CCB president(admittedly, Stroger's announcement put a damper on that). Dart, a former state legislator, lost his seat in a 2002 general election run against Judy Baar Topinka and boasts a lengthy political career, going back to managing Daley's campaign in his first successful run. While in the Illinois House, he acquired a reputation for ardently opposing tort reform efforts. Expect ITLA to be in his corner.

Dart, with no law enforcement experience, would seem to be an incongruous pick for the sheriff's seat.(Sheahan had a stint working as a Chicago police officer under his belt by the time he was elected sheriff.) I know people bounce around the political arena like ping pong balls, but still...

Eugene Moore and Com. Mike Quigley are also seen as potential successors to Sheahan, who first won his seat by defeating embattled GOP incumbent James O'Grady in 1990.
EDIT: In the comments, Angry Jolietan correctly points out that Dart was "slated" for Treasurer by Speaker Mike to get him out of the Democratic primary for AG. His manuevering also explains why Rep. Beth Coulson(R-Glenview) has such a undesirable district. Extra extra credit if you know why.
EDIT II: Rep. Fritchey identifies former gubernatorial candidate Jim Burns as a possible contender for the sheriff's office.


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