Friday, November 11, 2005

Saying Dankashein to America's Vets

Welcome to the extra-special Armistice Day addition of Obiter Dictum, and it is actually Armistice Day, November 11. We should, of course, recognize what today commemorates-the armistice signed on November 11, 1919, that ended the first World War. Of even greater importance are the sacrifices made by America's servicemen and women that will ensure our freedom and welfare for years to come-and that we aren't speaking German right now.

However, all too often, public disapproval is the only reward reaped by returning veterans from such conflicts as the Vietnam War and our present engagement in Iraq. Some cannot seem to divorce personal feelings on whether or not the military action was just from the reverence they should reserve from those who have blindly jeopardized their own lives to perform a patriotic duty for Uncle Sam-and all of mankind. Now more than ever we should commend those veterans whom we have the honor of knowing-and the families who sacrifice to support them-and recomitt ourselves to doing all that we can to serve our nation and fellow men. End of sermon.


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