Monday, November 07, 2005

Subpeonas, Loans, and Tight T-Shirts: Is That What Illinois Politics is Made Of?

Rauschy shouldn't expect much political capital from his manuevering on the A&F debacle. Sure, it's an attempt to insinuate himself into the hearts of moderate suburbanites and conservative traditionalists in one fell swoop, but a poor one at that. The senator is trying to pull a rabbit out of the hat with the old family values=votes formula. If he fails to realize its inefficacy, after his 2004 race and now this one, he will risk the "perpetual candidate" label slapped on someone like Oberweis.

Topinka has wisely eschewed Rauschy-style attacks on the governor and specific members of his administration. Of course, Blago is surrounded by a Praetorian guard of undesirable folks, some of whom, like patronage chief Joe Cini, are bound to become household names by the end of the cycle. But Rauschenburger and others will succeed only in prompting accusations of divisiveness and hypocrisy. Better to let the allegations unfold on their own. True, Topinka has her own baggage, i.e. Cellini's hotel loan ruckus from the mid '90s, among other things. There can be a lot of unpleasant numbers flashed across the television screen. But Cellini wrests too much influence for this to go very far. After all, let he who has not been the target of a federal investigation cast the first stone.

(Yes, the horrendus preposistional phrase error in the title is an intentional one.)


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