Friday, November 18, 2005

The Sun-Times weighs in on the recent firing of Cecil Turner from a powerful position in the Secretary of State's office. Turner, of Springfield, is a prominent and controversial black Democrat who maintains that he was "wrongfully convicted" twenty-some years ago of effectively pilfering from veterans. Turner and his wife, Doris, who works for the city, both sit on the Sangamon County board and have attracted criticism after they collected absentee ballots for a dozen persons at the same address.

White will probably realized that ethical governance is a double edged sword. Allegations about cronyism could have plagued him in a potentialy contentious race against state sen. Dan Rutherford(R-Chenoa), but after this and other south of I-80 firings, he can't expect much fealty from some downstate Dems. Rutherford already has geography in his advantage-and seeing White undone by intraparty sniping of Blago-esque proportions could be the icing on the cake for the GOP.


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