Monday, November 07, 2005

Topinka in the Running

After leaks from her office and not-so-subtle hints by the Treasurer herself, it has become apparent that Judy Baar Topinka will announce as a gubernatorial candidate in the next several days.
From CBS2 Chicago:
Topinka today said Illinois is "crying for some leadership and a change of administration."
Without financial help, she faces the prospect of emerging from a bitter, expensive primary battle without the resources to battle Blagojevich, who is serving his first term.An individual familiar with Topinka's plans say she has gotten assurances of support in the general election.
Whom Topinka will draft to run with her is a matter of intense speculation. Last night on Tom Roeser's "Political Shootout," journalist Jeff Berkowitz indicated that Doug Whitley is a possible running mate. Whitley presently serves as chairman of the Illinois Chamber. Whitley's experience and connections in the business world-in addition to personal wealth-would enrich theticket in more ways than one.

Look for some consolidation in the GOP ranks as "the conservatives" get ready to stare down Topinka, i.e. a Rauschy/Brady ticket. Brady would provide geographical balance and reduce splintering of the Republican base, increasing the liklihood that both would emerge "winners." Brady would also temper some of Rauschy's rhetoric, and Rauschenburger's experience and cerebral demeanor would lend Brady more gravitas.

UPDATE: On another note, Archpundit has a post on one poll that has Rauschenburger and the governor within the margin of error.

UPDATE II: According to Jeff Berkowitz, Ron Gidwitz is not about to bow out of the race.


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