Sunday, November 06, 2005

Umholtz for AG?

Berkowitz also speculated that Tazewell County State's Attorney Stewart Umholtz could make an AG run. Umholtz has served several terms and is a popular local Republican, but lacks the rising star status and built in base of his colleague from the adjoining and more populous Peoria Count: Kevin Lyons, a Democrat. Umholtz could, however, use this as a means for gleaning name recognition to propel him to higher office.
UPDATE: An article in Crain's also identified Umholtz as a potential candidate. It inaccurately identified Tazewell County as including Peoria, which it does not, though it is adjacent to Peoria County.
At the moment, the sole potential contender known to be mulling a race, Tazewell County State's Attorney Stewart Umholtz in Peoria, says only, "I haven't made any decisions."
OD thanks an astute reader for the tip.


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