Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Unholy Mess: Quigley, Stroger, and Sheriff Sheahan

Consumed by internal strife and turmoil, once-low profile offices of Cook County government have grabbed headlines in the past few weeks, from the Board itself to the sheriff's office. Sheahan's retirement announcement produced shockwaves around the political world. Add to the mix an ambitious countywide elected official, a former US Attorney, and a Cook County commissioner, and you've got yourself a race-or, at least a Democratic primary.

A number of others are also looking to reprise elected office, including Tom Dart, whom Stroger has already said he would "enthusiastically endorse." (Sheahan himself is also thought to be agitating for Dart.) Commissioner Mike Quigley, in a crowded Democratic primary for CCB President and a vocal Sheahan critic, may also run.Jesse White has avowed his support for Jim Burns, the SOS inspector general. Burns was noncommittal, saying only that he was "flattered" with the proposition. Suburban police chief Tim McCarthy, defeated by White in the 1998 primary, is another possibility. The common denominator among the candidates-with a few notable exceptions-seems to be "come back" status. An official scorned and an office scarred-sounds like a good combination.


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