Friday, November 18, 2005

Unremitting Barrage of Partisanship Brings Strange Allegations in Suburban Race

Jim Rowe, Republican opponent of state senator Don E Harmon has issued a press release identifying Harmon as having endorsed JBT for governor. Harmon was elected in 2002 and has been consistent supporter, or, some would say, bag boy, of Democratic governor Rod Blagojevich. During the height of budget proceedings last spring, a Republican legislator flustered Harmon by suggesting that he had sponsored an appropriations bill only because "[State senator Jeff]Schoenburg wouldn't take it."

Harmon's seat is relatively secure and Rowe, for all his merits, is going nowhere without the all important backing of Rep. Skip Saviano(R-Elmhurst), who represents half of Harmon's district.
EDIT:This post was in no way intended to be disparaging to either Rep. Saviano or Mr. Rowe. I have also heard unconfirmed reports of Saviano's having endorsed Harmon and urged Rowe to get out of the race.


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