Friday, November 18, 2005

Was anyone else as astonished as I with the revelations surrounding the identity of the blogger previously known as "Article Three Groupie?" According to the NYT(who broke a story set to appear in this week's New Yorker), the putatively female practicing atty. behind the blog was in fact a male federal prosecutor, who dispensed spirity commentary on the judicial branch and regularly garnered (cyber) interviews with, um, his subjects.

The "Underneath Their Robes" imbroglio is likely to be the first of many resulting from anonymous or similarly deceitful blogs that handle politically sensitive subject matter. The blogger in question will likely face professional and personal reprisal from his gossip and candid commentary, which garnered many readers at the Justice Department. UTR had always been an authoritative source and had risen to particular prominence of late with mentions by Time and NPR on its SCOTUS coverage.


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