Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Winners & Losers

For the month of November...
Carole Pankau(kinda) She does, however, get the prize for proving that not all statewide runs are created equal.
Congressman Mark Kirk
Though that person's identity remains unknown, Kirk will be staring down a poorly funded candidate next fall.
The governor...who now has to stare down JBT.
Rick Winkel(arguably) After LaHood's son emerged as a candidate for the central district US Attorney's seat, Winkel's chances diminished markedly.
Cecil Turner
Who knew patronage jobs didn't last forever?
In the Cat Bird Seat
State Rep John Fritchey(D-Chicago)
Fritchey is still exploring a bid for the Treasurer's office in the primary. SA Paul Mangieri may have the nominal party backing and a geographic advantage, but Fritchey has the experience, acumen, and money to make it happen.
Most Improved
After a rocky start to his gubernatorial campaign, Sen. Bill Brady appears to be coming around. With appearences on both "Political Shoot-Out" and "Public Affairs" under his belt, he is also increasing his profile north of 1-80. Hi
Over-reported story
Obie's latest immigration imbroglio. Yawn. And, of course, he continues to prove that a mind is a terrible thing to lose.
This story, which Zorn had to mention a minimum of how many times?
Under-reported story
Neither Paul Mangieri nor Stewart Umholtz-nor each's respective statewide bid-has been garnering much press. With Joe Birkett's drop out from the gubernatorial race, it seems like it just isn't the day to be SA.Judy Baar Topinka


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