Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"You Idiot! When I Said I Wanted to Run Statewide..."

Pankau's announcement for Comptroller hasn't exactly caused shockwaves throughout the political tidepools. After her aborted US House bid, her ambition is no secret. Wife of a affluent trial lawyer, Pankau and her husband were also longtime business owners. She financed her move into the Senate last fall, but was left in debt and expects to have to fundraise signficiantly for her statewide run.

The fact that Pankau is running for Comptroller and not for Treasurer(as we had speculated in this post) is in a mystery. Her being "slated" for this seat may be a result of the egos she ruffled in the Hyde dynasty by the sheer audacity of opposing Pete Roskam. Her seat isn't up, so the Republican establishment can't take any satisfaction in "getting rid" of her. She may have been posistioning herself for a statewide bid-but Pankau couldn't have had this in mind. Was this an act of cold blooded malignancy on the part of the powers that be? Or, are there rumors, about Hynes's vulernability or his not seeking another term?

Pankau's run cannot be analyzed independently of Rutherford's. After all, both ostensibly turned down an "easier" race for Treasurer in exchange for their present spots on the ticket. (Rutherford, admittedly, announced for SOS before JBT did for governor, but I doubt this came down to timing. If a consensus existed on him as a candidate for the office, the petitions would be out before you could say, um, Kristine Cohn O' Rourke.) Or, is the empty spot on the GOP ticket waiting for a certain candidate to emerge? It's hard to imagine that person's identity, but 2006 will probably become known as the year that two well-respected state senators did the unthinkable--and we just may be the better for it.


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