Saturday, December 31, 2005

City Sued by Former Aldermanic Candidate

In the wake of the city's attempts to see overturned the Shakman decree comes allegations that a city truck driver was fried for political reasons. Earlier this week in federal district court, Steve King claimed that he was told by a superior that he lost the job because he failed to make the requisite political contributions, prompting him to file suit last year. (The ISBE reveals no reported contributions made by King.) King, who is African American, filed a complaint with the Department of Human Rights after facing racial slurs. DHR is a state agency that investigates allegations of discrimination. King told the Chicago Tribune that, with clout, an employee can "get away with anything."

In 1999, King ran against and lost(coming in last in a six way race) to Ald. Carrie Austin, tapped by Daley to succeed her late husband on the Council.


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