Saturday, December 03, 2005

Columnist Greg Hinz offers JBT some advice in today's Crain's.

It shouldn't be that way. Ms. Topinka herself needs to prove that she's not just a get-along, go-along gal. She can start by moving away from Bob Kjellander, who has a stunning conflict in his twin roles as a lobbyist who has to butter up Democratic officials and a protector of GOP interests as the state's Republican national committeeman. Then she can propose and unite her party behind new ethics laws with teeth.

The Treasurer may make an appealing target, but it appears that she is just that, particularly after the revelations concerning several dubious meetings between Oberweis and George Ryan, and Gidwitz, after all, was one of the former governor's appointments. Never mind the fact that the latter has yet to break out of single digit polling numbers-any good pundit would be loathe to admit Topinka's status as the party standard bearer, right, boys and girls?


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