Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Back in the High Life Again

After an unsuccessful AG run-and jail time-she's still got it. The Sun Times's Carol Marin writes that former Chicago city treasurer Miriam Santos may get the "last laugh"after all.

On Thursday in the courtroom of U.S. District Court Judge Joan Gottschall, an improbable but not impossible motion is set to be heard. If it is ultimately successful, Santos, who went from being the first Hispanic elected to citywide office in 1991 to being the first citywide elected Hispanic to go off to prison, may find herself more than $1 million richer. For what? For blowing the whistle on corruption, that's what.

As for Miriam Santos, even if she never sees a dime of whistleblower reward money, she is in a far better place today than many of her former colleagues who now have the feds breathing down their necks. People like Victor Reyes, her nemesis and boss of the Hispanic Democratic Organization.

Santos had receded from the limelight after her 1998 loss for the AG's office and an indictment just one year later. After several months singing the prison blues, Santos's sentence was overturned and she pled guilty to lesser charges. In 2001, proving that misfortune comes in threes, Santos's law license was briefly suspended. According to Sneed, she is now back in private practice, and, apparently, back in the high life again.


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