Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Give Him Your John Hancock

Cal Skinner has a good and informative post on the pending challenge to Rep. Mark Beaubien's primary petitions. Wacounda resident Lorraine Godawa filed a challenge on the 27th. Today's Capitol Fax reports that some had tried to persuade Beaubien to file later with more signatures, but he refused. Also in CF, a source close to the House Republicans said that Beaubien was expected to survive the challenge. Representing Godawa is Joe Morris, former chairman of the Illinois United Republican Fund.

Still, the northwest suburban legislator has a good ally in his former colleague Judge John C Countryman. Countryman, a one time chairman of the State Board of Elections successfully brought a challenge against the petitions of Beaubien's 2004 primary opponent, Marshall Reagle. It is thought that Godawa is a supporter of Beaubien's current opponent, attorney Dennis Driscoll.

Beaubien, of Barrington, has served since 1996.


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