Tuesday, January 10, 2006

He'll Huff and He'll Puff and He'll Blow the Schools Down

Ah, the Legislature is not even back in session and the sweet smell of partisanship is already in the air. Today the Governor hit the trail to promote his initiatives, stopping in Rockford to extoll the virtues of his three billion dollar capital plan. Blagojevich's plan relies on a bond issue for road and school construction.

The political sword of Damocles--federal matching funds--will be hanging over the heads of lawmakers as they debate the measure, which will require a three fifths majority to pass. This puts the Republicans in a double bind. No counterproposal of their own would see action. If they don't allow their arms to be twisted in a timely manner, they risk being labeled the big bad wolves who don't want the the Democratic pigs to build their roads and schools, or as the Governor's spokesflacks said last year, rebels without a plan.


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