Monday, January 23, 2006

Hotline Blog Lauds Coulson, Cross, Et Al

This post from the National Journal's "Hotline Blog" reveals their picks for "rising stars" in state politics. Not surprisingly, Republicans Cross, Coulson, and Topinka make the cut. On the other side of the aisle, they name everyone from Rep. Jay Hoffman to Alderman (and Daley ally) Ed Smith.

State Rep. Beth Coulson (R): Elected in a Dem district, she just keeps winning. "Always going to be a target, but she's definately[sic] somebody to look towards in the future." "Will probably look to go to DC" eventually.[ED: The lady's not a star; she's her own nebula, although, technically speaking, a nebula is not a star.]
State House Min Leader Tom Cross (R): Helped pick up a seat in '04, going to face some big challenges in '06. "Has a great future." He's closely aligned with Speaker Dennis Hastert and has been mentioned as a possible candidate to replace Hastert when he retires.

DuPage Co. Board Chair Robert Schillerstrom (R): Has over $1M in his campaign war chest. He occasionally floats his name for some races, but if he's going to have a future, he "needs to build his downstate connections."

It's surprising to see DuPage County Board chairman Bob Schillerstrom's name on the list. His well documented recent ethical problems would seem to contraindicate "rising star" status. Despite his gubernatorial ambitions, it would be hard to elevate his profile out of DuPage County.

I would argue for the addition of Rep. John Fritchey to the list. Not yet fifty, he's already chairman of the House Civil Law committee and a respected player in Springfield. Also, what about Kevin Lyons, the ambitious Peoria County State's Attorney?


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