Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Not So Civil

Did anyone else see this in TIME? It's just like Jesse Jackson to, when asked to remark on the works of an American hero, launch into a political tirade.
In the Jan. 9 cover story, under the headline "What If He Were Alive Today?"
He would be challenging the war in Iraq. The war has no moral foundation. It's built upon a lie, built upon imminent threat, weapons of mass destruction, an al-Qaeda connection. He'd focus on that. Second, of course, he'd protest vehemently that we've gone from lying about the war to spying on people protesting the war. He was on the anti-Vietnam war list. He would be protesting this violation of constitutional rights. Third, his last mission was to build a working poor people's campaign, declaring that there should be a job and income for every American, a floor beneath which no American would fall. So I'm convinced that today he would be focusing on this issue of building multiracial, multicultural coalitions, fighting to end the war in Iraq, challenging the unconstitutional moves.


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