Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Roll of the Dice?

It must not be every day that his clients get twenty seven million dollar state contracts. According to the ISBE, gaming lobbyist and former Blago aide John Wyma made no personal contributions to his boss's gubernatorial campaign. Records revealed only two state contributions made in recent years: two thousand dollars to Mayor Daley and a smaller sum to a northwest suburban candidate.

Wyma has a lengthy history of federal involvement, but did not "ante up" for any of Blago's congressional runs. However, he did "share the wealth" among other members of the current Illinois delegation, with $1000 going to Jesse Jackson, Jr., and a total of $1500 for Obama. He made the maximum allowable donations to Kerry, Ted Kennedy, and Rahm Emanuel, among others, for a total of nearly $35,000 in political contributions on the federal level.

Is Wyma Illinois's Jack Abramoff? Hardly. He's one of many in the Governor's Praetorian guard of well-connected lobbyists and politicos. The "keno" plan has probably already succeeded. Think about it. Why else would the Governor make a counterpropsal to his own bond issue but as a way of blackmailing the Legislature into voting for it?


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