Monday, January 09, 2006

SCOTUS: "No Dice" for Maltese

The US Supreme Court has refused to grant cert to former Cicero mayor Betty Loren-Maltese. Maltese was seeking to get overturned her 2002 racketeering conviction. Presently serving time behind bars, she will be resentenced later this month. A panel of appeals court judges found that District Court judge John F. Grady improperly "rounded down" the loss to Cicero taxpayers, from $10.6 million to $10 million, thus reducing her sentence by ten months.
According to the Trib:

Grady said he rounded the number down by $600,001 because it was merely an estimate and could be unreliable. But the appeals court said unless Grady thought the estimate biased, he had no basis for rounding down or rounding up.

According to the court papers, defense lawyers want Loren-Maltese's sentence reduced to four or five years, which could get her out of prison as early as this year.

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