Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Send Out an SOS?

What may be the Governor's last "state of the state" address is high on the political radar for both him and his opponents. He is expected to stump for a state assault weapons ban, among other things. Rep. Eddie Acevedo has re-introduced such a measure, after it failed last year. The keno plan is also expected to figure prominently in the speech.

"Reform" and "renewal" may not be on many tongues, but count on as much damage control as possible. After his mistakes in the past, the Governor is looking to paint a "Sunnybrook Farm" picture of the state-not a jeremiad against state employees or the ISBE. He has "All Kids" to tout, and he could even slip in a mention of med mal. It's high time for him to extend the olive branch to others in the Democratic party-hence mentions of Daley's support of gun control. You have to concede that, for the Governor, an assault weapons ban is a pretty smart issue. Sure, it will draw fire(no pun intended) from gun advocates, but it has the blessing of deniability. No one would say that it's his fault(or to his credit) that it hasn't passed. It seems that, with just three months until the primary, the Governor is trying to safely distance himself from the past. The problem for him is that so much of it is hard to forget.


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