Monday, January 09, 2006

There's No Business Like Legislative Business

Partisan acrimony, a proposed bond issue, even some public interest posturing. What will be an unusual legislative session has its roots in the downright mundane. The early adjournment is ostensibly intended to allow lawmakers to hit the campaign trail early. It will also spare the Governor the embarrassment produced if the session "ran over" into the summer months of crabby reporters and slow news, where the budget would take center stage.

Still, even these accomodations may not spell success for the Governor. The bond issue will require a three fifths vote, and if the powers-that-be don't have any last minute goodies to offer(med mal, anyone?), Republican members will balk. Sure, some arms could be twisted, but a partisan showdown late in the game-or, even worse, right before the primary-would be too costly foe the Governor. What he needs most is a compliant legislature-or maybe another health insurance program.


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