Monday, January 30, 2006

To the Governor's Mansion We Go

And (more) of the "bling-bling" reports are in. Joe Birkett's campaign reported over 250k in contributions--and nearly 400k in expenditures--over the half year.(His reports can be found. Also reported was nearly 400k in debt.Among his creditors is a "Raymond Fauber"(I have also seen the first name spelled with a "u," but I assume the campaign would get it right), who is identified by others as Birkett's cousin and a retired hydraulics manufacturer. Another is Chicago's Subway Development Corp, which is headed by another cousin, Phil Lesi. Birkett, in his capacity as DuPage County State's Attorney, has launched an investigation into Lesi's contracts with the Toll Highway Authority. Birkett can add Lesi's name to his list of high profile investigations, and, of course, subtly reinforce Blago's Mell ties. Other names on the list are those of the McMahon brothers, owners of McMahon Foods.(See here.)

Other statewide Republican candidates are struggling financially. Carole Pankau, state senator and candidate for Comptroller, reported nearly 70k in receipts and almost that much in expenditures. Her campaign is over 100k in debt to her husband, attorney John Pankau, Jr.(See here.) Incumbent Dan Hynes has yet to file(cough, cough) his last semiannual, but, over the first part of this year, he took in over 300k. None of the other statewide Dems have filed, either, and we can count on the Governor to wait until the last minute and trumpet his. All the better to eat the Republicans with, my dear.


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