Tuesday, February 07, 2006

And the First Shall Be Laski

Chicago has may have lost its clerk, but they do know where to find one. Ald. Danny Solis-president pro tem of the Council and a close Daley ally-is thought to be a likely pick for the job. He was mum, but colleague William Beavers expressed interest, saying that "If the mayor asks me, it is hard to refuse." Both are minorities--Solis is Hispanic and Beavers is black--and the prospect of a "rainbow ticket" could entice the Mayor(if he runs again).

Laski holds the dubious distinction of being the first elected official indicted in the Hired Trucking scandal. Incriminating him is a taped conversation with a witness in which Laski is alleged to say that he urged another witness to commit perjury. Perhaps the most incriminating-or lamest-thing is that he said "Go cubs, yeah, go cubs," to agree to the plan. He has retained new counsel, and will be arraigned next week.

Anyone would agree that Laski's troubled recent months are not good for the mayor. Whether being out of office will be any better is debatable. The Mayor has two choice--to distance himself from Laski, or to credit himself with his demise. The last one is harder. There is also a third-to embrace Laski with open arms, and deny his(supposed)wrongdoing.Whatever the Mayor may do, Laski's problems may be the latest in a "series of unfortunate events" that convince him not to seek re-election in 2007. But, the fact that he is eyeing longtime buddy Solis--and not one of his potential mayoral opponents--for the job suggests otherwise.


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