Saturday, February 04, 2006

Mr. Blagojevich Goes to Washington?

At the Swamp,the Trib's John D McCormick speculates on the governor's ambitions for higher office. He mentions consulting fees paid by Blago's campaign to one Jeff Link, an Iowan who managed Al Gore's campaign there in 2000. According to this, Link has also advised gubernatorial and congressional candidates.

Among other reported expenses:nineteen separate purposes of "flowers for supporters," some coming to seventy dollars. Talk about stopping to smell the roses. The campaign also shelled out a total of over fourteen hundred at rather cruddy Springfield watering hole(not that I would know).

Also notable was a twenty five thousand contrib from Gutierrez for Congress. Gutierrez has already announced his decision not to seek another term in 2008, and is seen as a possible mayoral candidate. He must see cozying up to his former colleague as a ticket to LaSalle Street.
Also, catch this:ILGA at its finest.


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