Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Election Results II: McSweeney, Salvi Race Split

In Lake County, with nearly eighty five percent of precincts reporting, Dave McSweeney is leading Kathy Salvi with thirty eight percent to her thirty. This should be an early warning to the Salvi people:Lake County is her home turf. Her husband represented it in the Illinois House for two terms. McSweeney lives in Cook County, where no results are available.

UPDATE: In McHenry County, Salvi is leading McSweeney with forty three percent, but his numbers are virtually the same. Here, Churchill has just eight compared to his twenty in Lake. Surprisingly enough, it looks like the Salvi bloc is taking a bite out of Churchill's support. I am guessing that Lake has more of the population in the 8th, but do not know for sure. Expect this race to be a close one. (See here for McHenry results.)

STATEHOUSE UPDATE:For the 27th senate, on the GOP side, Rita Mullins has a 53-47 lead over Matt Murphy. I'm pretty sure some of this district is in Cook, so this is far from final, but expect a tight race. (See here for McHenry results.)

Also in Lake County, Oberweis has edged out a slight lead, with about thirty-eight percent to Topinka's thirty-five. Here, the Governor has nearly sixty two percent, very close to his numbers in McLean County.(See here.) Expect this trend to continue. Also in Lake County, Giannoulias has almost seventy percent to Mangieri's thirty. Come tomorrow, it looks like the Speaker is going to have some explaining to do.


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