Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Election Results, IV: Claypool Leading in Suburbs

So, one headline that's not a surprise. Outside Chicago, Claypool is leading Stroger with 64% of the vote. (Still, remember that only ten percent of precincts are reporting.)

It's safe to say that state reps Mark Beaubien and Sid Mathias have bested their primary foes. With about ninety five percent of Lake County precincts reporting, Beaubien has seventy three percent, and Mathias, seventy six. (See here for McHenry results.)

CD-8 UPDATE: In Cook County, Salvi is trailing McSweeney(with 58%) by about twenty points. This is McSweeney's home turf, but, when combined with his lead in Lake, things aren't looking good for Kathy Salvi. (See here for Cook County results.)

Does anyone know a better site for city of Chicago results than this one? By the time it's done loading, we'll be voting in the next election.


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