Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Election Results, V: City of Chicago

In the city itself, the Governor is leading Eisendrath with almost eighty percent of the vote. (See here for Chicago results.) Though Eisendrath did slightly better in some downstate counties like McLean(where he got about thirty), expect a Blago win of seventy five percent or more. I can already hear the champagne corks popping...

Also in Chicago, Mangieri is holding Giannoulias to a lead of barely sixty percent, compared with his seventy in Lake. Mangieri seems to be performing relatively well in conservative downstate counties like McLean(where he had 48%) and places where Speaker Madigan's influence is strong(Chicago). But, still expect the Velvet Hammer to be gritting his teeth tomorrow. In no county(thus far) has his candidate broken fifty percent.

CD-8 UPDATE: With nearly all of Lake County precincts reporting, it looks like Kathy Salvi's fate is sealed. McSweeney has kept his thirty eight percent lead, to her thirty, and Churchill's twenty three. There are no more new results in McHenry or Cook. (See Lake results here.)

STATEHOUSE UPDATE: With 51.9%, State Rep Karen Yarbrough is narrowly holding off Chris Welch. Expect this to be a tight race. In the 7th district, newly appointed rep. Esther Golar can probably be called as the winner. She has just over fifty percent, in a four-way primary.(See city results here.)


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