Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Election Results, VI: Sangamon County

For the first time, Ed Eisendrath has broken forty percent: in Sangamon County. (There, he has about 41). No wonder the Governor spends so little time at the mansion. On the Republican side, Topinka has about fifty eight percent, and Birkett, sixty four. Birkett's higher finishes seem to be the rule, not the exception. Thus far, he "leads" his running mate in McLean, McHenry, Lake, and Cook counties.

In the 17th primary, Jim Mowen is leading with forty percent. (Andrea Zinga, who ran in 2004, is coming in third in a three way primary.) For this race, results from another county(like Rock Island) would be more predictive. Springfield has only a tiny sliver of the district.

Further down on the ticket, Giannoulias has about fifty two percent, the same as in McLean County.

STATEHOUSE UPDATE: As the song goes, the Cahn-man can. Or, rather, can't. As expected, Alderman Chuck Redpath is leading county board member Sam Cahnman in the Democratic primary for the 99th House district. Redpath has fifty four percent to his opponent's forty-six. (Like another prominent Democrat, Redpath is recuperating from an illness. He underwent a heart catherization last week.)
(See Sangamon County results here.)


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