Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Election Results, VII: McSweeney Keeps Lead

In McHenry County, Dave McSweeney has narrowed the gap between him and Republican Kathy Salvi in the 8th district GOP primary. McSweeney has 38% to Salvi's 44 and a comfortable lead in other parts of the district. (See here for McHenry results.)

In suburban Cook, the Governor leads primary opponent Ed Eisendrath 64-36. This is Eisendrath's best showing thus far(apart from nearly 40% in Sangamon County). Also in Cook County, Giannoulias has 67%, almost as high as his seventy percent in Lake.

For the right to run against 10th district congressman Mark Kirk, Dan Seals is trouncing Zane Smith with nearly seventy percent, but Cook County is Seals's home turf. More of the district lies in Lake than Cook, so Smith could easily make this up. In the three way primary in Illinois's 6th, Major Tammy Duckworth has just over fifty percent. Some of the district is in DuPage County.

UPDATE:Lake County results show similar numbers for the 10th district(69-30). It looks like Seals is moving on.

UPDATE II: Stroger's camp is reporting high turnout. We'll see.


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