Tuesday, March 21, 2006

*Election Results*

With all precincts in McLean County(but not Bloomington)reporting, the Governor has edged out Eisendrath with about sixty four percent. (See more here.) Since the Governor has already exceeded the expectations of this poll, among others, he will probably keep his margin of victory.

Also in McLean County, Giannoulias bested Mangieri with fifty two percent. McLean is a relatively conservative county(in November 2002, Jim Ryan carried it with about 62%), so expect Giannulias's numbers to rise across the state.

You can all guess what favorite son is leading the GOP primary there, but Topinka has 20% to an embarrassing 12 for the milk man. This seems to confirm the conventional wisdom that Brady is splitting the conservative vote and taking support from Oberweis, not Topinka. In the race for lieutenant governor, Joe Birkett has a decisive 41-33 lead over Rauschenberger.

There are still no results online for Cook County. If my predictions of a 52-48 Stroger win come true, the Cook County Board race may not be decided until tomorrow morning.


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