Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Morning After

UPDATE:Results from the city of Chicago seem to show Stroger with 60% to Claypool's 39. In the suburbs, the tables were turned: Claypool had about 62.4%. According to the Tribune, Stroger has an overall lead of about 52 percent. Looks like my predictions(of a 52-48 Stroger win) came true.(See here for city of Chicago results and here for Cook County.)

We know at least two people who aren't feeling hung over. McSweeney and Giannoulias are both moving on. Congratulations to them.

With 72 percent of the vote, State Rep. Karen Yarbrough is declaring primary victory as well.(See here--or, rather, not see, they're very hard to read--for more complete city election results.)

Two legislators will not be returning to Springfield next year. Sen. Adeline Jay Geo-Karis lost to primary challenger Suzane Simpson. Early returns showed Rep. Calvin Giles trailing opponent LaShawn Ford. Giles's campaign has nearly one hundred forty four thousand dollars in unpaid fines from the State Board of Elections. (Read the Sun-Times coverage of both races here.)

UPDATE: There are no official reports, but it looks as though Dan Seals will win the 10th district primary. He carried 70.4% of the Cook County vote and 69.3% in Lake County. (See here for Lake County results and here for Cook.)


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