Friday, April 14, 2006

Quote of the Day

“I sure would like to know where all these ladies are that I’m supposedly getting it on with."-Sam Cahnman, former candidate for the Illinois House from the 99th district

This from the Illinois Times:

Word is, a few local broadcast journalists — all women — have taken to referring to Sam Cahnman as “Quagmire” after Glenn Quagmire, the womanizing pilot on the Fox animated series Family Guy. According to the show’s official fan site, Quagmire’s catchphrase, “Giggety-giggety-goo,” is known to “simultaneously arouse and repulse women.” The joke’s lost on Cahnman, a member of the Sangamon County Board and the Democratic candidate for the 99th House District seat now held by state Rep. Raymond Poe.

So, we know all that legal work was really pro boner...


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Good one.

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